Zambia Institute Of Estate Agents

Zambia Institute Of Estate Agents


Zambia Institute Of Estate Agents (ZIEA) is the national association for Zambia’s real estate sector. ZIEA is an independent organisation that provides information and relevant advice to all stakeholders. Information provided is on a wide range of issues affecting the real estate sector and property market.


Zambia Institute of Estate Agents was established under Act 21 of 2000 of the laws of Zambia. ZIEA is tasked with the responsibility of regulating the practice and business of estate agency in Zambia. This can be achieved by bringing together under one body all persons operating under the various disciplines of the profession of estate agency. This includes:

  1. Real estate agents
  2. Valuations
  3. Auctioneering
  4. Property management


The Zambia Institute of Estate Agents’ mandate is to work diligently to support and serve members throughout the real estate spectrum in Zambia. This stance will enable for the continued growth and development of the industry.

All ZIEA members are provided with services and information that are useful for the exercise of their profession


The vision of ZIEA is to be recognised as a reputable regulatory authority in the real estate agency business in Zambia and in the SADC region by diligently serving the public and their members.


To regulate, promote and enhance good professionalism and conduct in the real estate agency practice to meet the expectations of the public.

Overally the objective of ZIEA is to protect and promote the general interest of its members and the professions of estate agency. This is best attained by promoting the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct of its members.


The Real Estate Industry is by far one of the fastest growing economic pillars in Zambia. The real estate sector continues to grow, thrive and develop at a frantic pace. This rapid growth requires players in the field to be equipped with broad knowledge to keep up with the pace of change.

Membership benefits

There are a host of benefits you can get by becoming a member of ZIEA. These include:

  1. Prestigious organisational connections.
  2. Access to industry leadership.
  3. Professional networking.
  4. Research and publications.
  5. Seminars, workshops, and symposiums.
  6. Continued professional development.
  7. Career advice and knowledge acquisition.
  8. Industry resources.
  9. Local, national, and international partnerships.

Contacting ZIEA

🏠 No.7, Chipovu Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia

📱  +260 – 975 – 339353




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