Considerations are important

Building your own home is one of the largest investment you can ever make in the world today.

With the growing rental figures, its only prudent that individuals should invest in building their own dwelling.
When it comes to purchasing  land for sale of which one day you would call your own home.

It is important you consider the following tips


Finding the ideal land for sale or location for your home is not that easy.

As one has to consider the distance of his or her home from their place of work. This usually come with costs attached to it as the further you are from your working environment. The more you have to add on the cost of fuel and other personal transport movements of your family.

In addition to the above, proximity to and from facilities such as

  • Medical facilities
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • Public schools is cardinal

As the further you are from such facilities the more you would spend just to access them. However for those who prefer a quiet environment, settling for a property far away from the noise of the city.

It can be a rejuvenating experience you do not have to stress about your noisy neighbours.


Following the right procedures in the purchase of land is very important.

It can save you from future problems with the law, instance the local authorities in change of your chosen area of settlement.

To purchase a piece of land in Zambia, through either the local councils or through the Ministry of Lands.

The process of doing that is quite easy, it takes just the simple process of

  • Applying
  • Interviewed
  • Pay necessary fees

Just to emphasised here that the whole process is straight forward.

It only takes is patience on your part.

If you are in a bit of a hurry and can`t afford to wait then real estate listings such as BE FORWARD Real Estate have hundreds of houses for sale by owner/farms for sale  however always avoid the temptation of falling prey to swindlers by paying cash in advance before you check the authenticity of the paper work and availability of the physical property for sale.

So whether you are purchasing condos for sale through the corporate or through third party individuals , always make it a habit to verify your papers with the local council or the Ministry of Lands in charge of the area.


It can be very easy!

This is normally done by the department of physical planning.

It must be mentioned here that the consequences of not doing that can be very severe, as your dwelling can be demolished if found not to have met certain standards or you might end up paying huge penalties for not following the right channels of putting up a physical structure.

In concluding this piece of article, it can be stated that the process of building your dream home is easy when the rules and regulations that govern the procurement of land for personal or commercial use are followed and not infringed upon. So go right ahead and make it happen, its never too late to build your home and leave that legacy to your future generation.

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