One of the most Important

Owning real estate property is one of the most important.

If not the number one item on the list of assets individuals, corporate around the globe.

You might be in possession of a lot of liquid cash in your bank account.

Right now but when it comes to being counted or ranked so to say.

That can really amount to nothing as real estate always ranks first in terms of financial value at hand. In addition to the above billionaire businessmen like Warren Buffet.

Wealth from real estate which firmly confirms that passive income from real estate can really make one a fortune.

When handled prudently.

If individuals such as:

  • Warren Buffet
  • Robert Kiyosaki and so on

They have made their fortune in owning commercial/apartment properties around the globe.

So can we also replicate the same investment values with the same positive outcome?

After all the value of land in Africa as a whole is always on the rise with every economic indicator showing Africa as the next big investment destination for the real estate boom.

The booming real estate market in Zambia

In getting back to the real estate business in the southern region in particular Zambia.

It must be stated here that the rapid infrastructure development.

The nation is currently enjoying can be attributed to the boom in the houses for sale/apartments for rent. In most of its major provinces such as the capital Lusaka, southern and the Copper belt provinces.

Frankly speaking, Zambia has unrivalled tourist attractions. In different parts of the country and infrastructure such as commercial property can play a key role to the realisation of that potential.

There can be no better way to offer attractions to foreign and local visitors than through such facilities been permanently available.

Places such as Livingstone

City named after the British missionary David Livingstone.

Now known as the tourist capital located in the southern part of the country. It offer diversity in real estate and tourism products as the Republic of Zambia has realised the importance of real estate in the development of arts and culture through the private/public partnership and other local authority real estate listings.

Benefits of investing in real estate

Investing in real estate property in this nation is not only beneficial.

But will surely be something you will never regret as various incentives are on offer including, low property tax when compared to other countries in the southern region.

In addition to low property tax, various regulations on land ownership have been made flexible and conducive to any type of business that one chooses to undertake.

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